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mi dimenticherò di te tutti i giorni (I will forget about you every day – the exhibition) / 2012

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Photographic Exhibition, Edieuropa Qui Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Rome, Italy

Pictures by Dariusz Dziala

Project based on the performance happened in Venice in June 2011, curated by 42Project, supported by Edieuropa and the Venice Council (Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e Pace)

During the exhibition I held visitors hands and toured them around the gallery, showing them pictures, written excerpts from my diary on the wall and the original  objects I received from people in Venice. I tried to communicate the emotional engagement I developed in Venice, where I was stayed in the chosen campiello every day, early in the morning and at sunset, constantly performing in the venetian light that was changing. I waited for passers-by and I asked them to take my hand so I could bring them to the other side, offering an emotional support to cross that place.

The relational performance in Venice

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Dariusz Dziala, Fabrizio Pizzuto, Micol di Veroli, Raffaella Bozzini,
Silvia e Marianna