site/situation-specific art

Bi-Personal Exhibition with Baldo Diodato, part of the exhibition series: “The Gymnosophists, naked to the core” Bibliothe’, Contemporary Art Gallery, Rome, Italy

Bibliothe’ is a bistrot and an ayurvedic library; the exhibition series held in it invited two artists every month to freely respond  to the concept of ‘going back to the essence of creation’. I tried to position myself in the right place where to look for the origin, identifying the essence of my artistic practice. I went inwards, like a snail, filling all my inner gaps for four hours. In the room, only accessible through a vagina-like cut in a fabric’s wall, there were: a lamp on the floor illuminating a page underneath, taken from the “Poetics of the Space” of Gaston Bachelard about the meaning of curling up, myself packed-up in a suitcase on top of a table and some tea. I was slowly and silently serving it to viewers, trying to make their reading time more comfortable for them.

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Baldo Diodato, Fabrizio Pizzuto, Chiara Tommasi, Giulia Magliozzi,

Isabella Indolfi, Simona Morgantini