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Book on Performance Art / 2018

Curated by Chiara Mu and Paolo Martore, Castelvecchi Editions, Rome 2018.

As a researcher, I focused the past years investigating the ontology of Performance Art, more specifically as a historical art practice stemmed from Visual and Fine Art, conceiving for the Italian public this anthology made of essays that have never been translated before into Italian language, by artists and authors such as: Philip Auslander, Christopher Bedford, Claire Bishop, Tania Bruguera, Graciela Carnevale, Amelia Jones, Miranda July, Gulliermo Gomez-Pena, Mona Hatoum, Adrian Heathfield, Franko B, Allan Kaprow, Kubra Khademi, Andrea Fraser, Suzanne Lacy & Lucy Lippard, Mark McGowan, Bruce Nauman, Piotr Pavlenski, Santiago Sierra, Koki Tanaka, Ulay, The Yes Men.
I selected these texts in the years I was running workshops and lectures in Performance Art in the Academies of Fine Arts in Italy, being highly frustrated with the lack of direct sources and in need of providing translated material to my students. My goal was – and still is – to promote a wider but analytic understanding of this medium based on distinctive pivotal points like ephemerality, adherence to the real, critical stance and direct relationship with viewers, diversifying it from traditional and experimental forms of theatre.


Book presentations:
12th April 2018 / Murate Progetti d’Arte Contemporanea, Florence
13th April 2018 / Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna
16th May 2018 / National Gallery of Rome
17th May 2018 / Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan

Book reviews: