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Abitar-si/Self-inhabiting / 2020

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1 May 2020 – Photographic project designed and realised for the Italian curatorial website
Ti Do La Mia Parola (I give you my word)

The curatorial collective chose a selection of words and offered them to the participant artists and authors as themes to be explored and developed. I chose “abitare” (inhabiting). I named my art piece Abitar-si/Self-inhabiting, the bilingual version clicking here! Or clicking here for the english version alone.

“I give you my word” (ti dò la mia parola) which can mean trust me, but also: I give you my voice through my experience of you. Who? The other that is in me? The texts are a philosophical extension of the objects that are analytically underlined…ramifications and intimate interpretations of the existential condition of the artist. This extension involves body and psyche and their collocation between genre and identity, between illness and the corporeal; the multiple definitions of a body. You can find all of them, if you like, in this drawer that serves as a treasure chest and a bodily translation, with its limits and its greatness made of flesh and thoughts. You will find questions and answers.
This reminds me of a similar piece Chiara Mu made in 2013 (Prescription Box) in which the artist aimed to cure lifeless imageries and feelings that were out of sync. In the current art piece I perceive, instead, a diagnosis. In the drawer we can find tools for verifying and maintaining, for analysing and pondering on the condition of living that doesn’t long for ideal cures any more, but seeks pragmatic ones: the tangibility used to build the Being, as category of body and spirit, and its unavoidable melting pot.”

Piero Deggiovanni – Critic, writer and professor of Contemporary Art and History & Theory of New Media, Academy of Fine Art of Bologna, Italy