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ACQUA / WATER / 2021

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Relational performance to return an act of care.
In collaboration with documentary director Angelo Loy.
Project part of Another World Now AWN_comunicato-stampa_EN 
curated by Anna Daneri, Francesca Guerisoli, Carlotta Pezzolo

I participated as an activist in the protests that took place during the G8 in Genoa in 2001 (19/20/21 July), witnessing first-hand the support received from terrified citizens, frightened for months by the authorities in anticipation of the event and shocked by the guerrilla that devoured the city before their eyes. During that muggy days full of dust and tear gas, they kept us alive throwing water from balconies and terraces with hosepipes, buckets and glasses. 

Genova, July 21st 2001.G8. Water from the buildings to refresh the protesters. Credit Simona Granati Photographer 

Exactly twenty years after those events, I decided to return to Genoa and offer them a glass of water as an act of restitution and care, ringing every possible bell of the buildings I encountered along the route of the 21st July’s demonstration.

video extract (italian language)

Angelo Loy, Amyel Garnoui, Maria Giovanna Lahoz