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esercizio di cura (an exercise in care) / 2014

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September 28, 2014 / Site-Specific Installation, collective exhibition: “Altre Memorie”, project created by Associazione Modo Artistic Director: Francesco Rossi;

“Altre Memorie” Land Art Residency (22-28 September) in Val Saisera, Zona Prati di Oitzinger, Malborghetto Valbruna, Alpi Giulie – Friuli, Italy

“Make a good use of  what you will find, oh Wanderer  and take care of it”.

All the artists in residence were invited to reflect, in the environment where exactly one hundred years ago the first world war was fought, on the intense labor that men had to perform in order to modify that territory for fighting. We were also invited to reflect on the present-day management of the same territory in peacetime.

I have therefore decided to propose / impose an exercise in collective care, open to every inhabitant of the valley and dedicated to those who enjoy the forest.

I decided to put in the underwood an old sideboard with cups, a bottle of water and squares of dark chocolate to accommodate the needs of wanderers in the woods. If they get curious enough to open the sideboard, they can benefit of a refreshment during summer and of calories consumption during winter. I got the old sideboard from an inhabitant of the valley, and I got – with a meticulous door-to-door practice – a cup from every inhabitant of the village of Valbruna who wished to participate in the project.

I then left a notebook in the right-hand drawer as a the wanderer’s register, where to leave a note and a thought in case the traveler makes good use of what is left or to leave a date and a signature in case she/he want to contribute to the art piece, filling the bottle with fresh water and adding more chocolate.

5063 5070 5139 5145 5148 5149 5150 5194 5198 5211 5216 5217 5225 5227


Marisa and Isabella, Lady Irma, the Valbruna’s Inhabitants,

Agriturismo Prati di Oitzinger,  Casa Alpina Julius Kugy, Valbruna Inn

and all the wanderers that will keep alive this art piece

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