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abbracciare lungo la linea (hug along the line) / 2014

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September 28, 2014 / Site-Specific Project, Collective exhibition “Altre Memorie”, project created by Associazione Modo, Artistic Director: Francesco Rossi

“Altre Memorie” Land Art Residency (22-28 September) in Val Saisera, Zona Prati di Oitzinger, Malborghetto Valbruna, Alpi Giulie – Friuli, Italy

I found in the woods a circle of 8 trees, growing around a rock. I considered it to be a closed space, diametrically opposed to the concept of trench: round instead of rectangular, tending toward the sky instead of towards the underground, natural rather than manmade. So I decided to make it as a “hugging place”, a place where to hug trees, performing a surreal act to express gratitude towards life and affection towards nature, instead of shooting to kill and defending oneself from the bullets.

This project refers and pays homage to a performing image made at the end of the Sixties by an Italian artist, Giuseppe Penone, whose work is highly referential for my art practice.

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Marisa e Isabella, Caterina ed Emanuele, Marek Trizuljak, Giovanni