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Permanent Center of Gravity


Workshop on artistic methodology, for the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome (ABAROMA) students, biennial course
2-6 May 2023
Sede Campo Boario and EX-SNIA VISCOSA

The workshop was carried out over 5 continuous days for a total of 25 hours and involved 11 students.Named after a famous Italian 80’s song from Franco Battiato, I planned this workshop in support of those students who felt lost, stuck in between their artistic practice and the artistic shape they are forced to morph into following academic inputs.

We analysed “why making art”, understanding how context, motivation and meaning need a cohesive act. The “permanent center of gravity” is found in seeking an answering to this question, knowing that how to do something, even in a technically brilliant way, does not necessarily mean having something relevant to say.

I designed this workshop so that the conceptual part (the theoretical lessons), the muscular part (physical training) and the emotional part (contacting oneself, together with others, employing role play and gestalt therapy techniques) would come together and allow each student to embody a knowledge of themselves and their work that is often not facilitated or allowed in current teaching dynamics. The aim was to gain awareness of their inner presence and space, like a permanent centre, reducing or even resolving the dissociation between their perceived self as an artist and what is required and must be carried out to prepare for an exam or an art career.

the students for their amazing work, CSOA ExSnia for the location,
Franco Ripa di Meana for the academic support.