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Body Lab


Body LAB, workshop on empathic journeys for children, created for Latitudo Art Project in the Galline Bianche Municipal Library in the Labaro area of Rome
January – May 2023
4 sessions of 2 and a half hours,
1 final meeting for the children’s performances: “Emotions’ A&E”

The participating children, aged between 4 and 7, were guided to inhabit their emotions and their body and explore how the others experience them. Through collective readings, role plays and body training, they practiced how to recognize feelings and how to build relationships by leaning how sharing experiences, managing their expectations in group dynamics, dealing with the opinions exchanges and supporting the others beside themselves.

The final performance saw an excited group of 20 children-doctors administer a treatment made of specific actions, developed during the workshop, on the body of the adults-patients to cure the negative emotion that each of them brought in the A&E tent.

credits: Maria Monti, Carlotta Monti, Benedetta-Paola-Veronica aka “the magic trio”!