site/situation-specific art

Site-Specific Project, the viewer’s performance at Closet, Via Metauro 55, Rome

“You cannot play with time because there is not way to go back.”

In the window of the vintage clothing shop “Closet”, I placed an armchair and a old briefcase to be opened. Viewers were invited, one at the time, to sit inside and make use of the briefcase’s  content. They could play with my toys, cover themselves with my blanket and listen to 5 min. audio piece by wearing a velvety eye mask. I told the story of 5 specific moments of my childhood using the present tense, describing the different dresses I was wearing at that time.

notthere1 notthere2 notthere3 notthere4 notthere5 notthere6-s notthere6

After leaving the window space, each of them received an envelope to open once at home. Inside there were 5 images to look at, 5 childhood dresses shot on marble.

camiciadanotte completinomatrimoniozia

pigiama vestaglia


Maria Laura Battisti, Serafina Melone,

Mario Finazzi, Loredana,

Manuela e Mariana a Closet.