site/situation-specific art

Site-specific Installation, Collective exhibition,  Untitled-Condotto C, part of Reload, Pigneto, Roma Italy

A collective exhibition that has been installed in a garage where each artist had a car space specifically assigned to place their work. I have been given the portion of space where something was dying inside. I have been told that the car elevator was broken, that no one could move it, that it was going to be destroyed at the end of the event.
I decided to protect his privacy, I surrounded “him” with white hospital curtains, I then wrote him a letter and prepared everything needed to assist him in the final moment of his life.

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on the bottle: Chloridric Acid HCI / solution of hydrogen chloride in water at 37% /

injectable solution IM or IV, oral or local to dissolve metal


To my Elevator
Rome, 24 January 2011
I don’t really know how I will imagine this place without you…I simply will not. A while ago I had a dream, I was wandering in this space, looking at the orange strip that runs along the walls. The space seemed to be enlarging and the floor slowly disappearing. Forgetting of your presence, I almost collapsed on you,  you were suddenly there, severe and rigid behind my back. I got scared to see you so close to me, I jumped away hurting myself. I had all these bruises and the instinctive awareness that I could dangerously fall down…I really didn’t see you, I was twirling around, everything was in my eyes, the emptiness, the strip, the columns… except you. You scared me in that dream, but you were there, full of sadness. The inevitable comes for everyone. Just thinking about it makes me paralyse, my stomach flexes in pain. I am looking for my soul in here, under this concrete floor where every car, every engine, every stain disappeared like fool shadows.
I think of you, waiting for the end to come and I will stay here, in silence.

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I later have been informed that I received some false information, that the elevator was fine and it was going to be sold to a company at the end of the show.


Serafina Melone, CineMovie, Flaminia Masotti,

Fabrizio Pizzuto, Gian Maria Tosatti