site/situation-specific art

in-sight series / 2008

Works by year

Photographic Project, Cambridge ArtSpace, Cambridge UK

Ten images and texts taken and written as one, personal reminders of places where I worked in and places where I considered making projects without having (ye)t the chance to realize them.
I invited the viewers to experience my vision of those places by sitting in front of each image and spending an intimate time with it.


Gibellina, Sicily 2004


“After the village collapsed in on itself, / concrete was used to impose its eternal, silent presence in the valley forever. / I walked endlessly through cuts and lines, / feeling the sun burning the pavement and my feet, steadily./ Walking through death / while plants and threes fight back / breaking mould and space against geometry and oblivion .”


Thames, London 2007


“I thought how beautiful it could have been / for once / to stop fighting back the stream / to be taken, instead, and float / with no effort or judgement”


Campidoglio, Roma 2006


“I woke up in the middle of the night with this bouncing image in my head / I was rolling down the Campidoglio staircase slowly / perceiving every centimetre of stone and history with my body. / Letting myself go, eyes closed, hand open”


Forte Stella, Toscana 2004


“Viewers were invitated to look for me, hidden everyday in different corners, cravices, gaps /playing with the idea of ghosts that this place never had/ no battle held no people killed/ the warmth of the stone, the sky all around me”






Amy Botfield, Marco Chiandetti,  Valerio Berdini, Giovanna Cirianni,  Francesca Bregoli