site/situation-specific art

history is mine! / 2006

Works by year

Site-Specific Video Project, 8’47”, Rome Italy

Video documentation of several unauthorized acts happened in Rome, where I engaged in physical and emotional relationships with statues as well as historical places. Licking Via Appia stones, the street where slaves used to walk bare feet towards the houses of wealthy Romans, rolling weightless down to Capidoglio staircase, caressing the River Tevere Goddess statue, wishing to be embraced by her… I then showed my naked breasts to the very judgmental Moses statue, which has a pointed finger down to people all the time and I screamed inside the mouth of Truth, asking if there was anyone inside…Playing with marble and skin, with past and present.




Francesco Costabile, Giovanna Cirianni, Valerio Berdini, Alfredo Veneziale