site/situation-specific art

from June 18 till 20, 2015 / Site-Specific Performance, collective exhibition Ca’ Publique: artistic interventions in private houses, Bologna Italy

The project curators asked me to spend two days in the house of Raffaello Rouge Rossini, a Bologna’s video-maker, to produce an art piece that supposed to be experienced in the next three days. I chose to offer my viewers a different relational intervention based on the house for each night of the exhibition.


 june 18  From 8pm to midnight, I received a visitor at a time, for a mandatory time of 15 minutes each, to experience a first date dinner with me,  I welcomed him/her as my date to charm and seduce. Visitors had no idea of what they would find inside and everyone had to respect the confidentiality of our time spent together. I inspired my menu by Raffaello’s seductive technique with women and I behaved as if that house was mine for real, explaining it in details to those who had asked me. Every visitor of the house knew that when the bell was ringing again they had to unavoidably abandon the space, leaving in the middle of the dinner and breaking discourses and emotions.fare1 fare2 fare4 fare5 fare6

June 19  From 8pm to midnight, I invited a visitor at a time, for a mandatory time of only 15 minutes each, to produce and cook biscuits with me; this time as well no one knew what they would be part of. The visitor was greeted by fragrant kitchen smells and by a friendly person with buttered hands welcoming him / her to get quickly involved in making shapes and talking about memories, playing with the typical (italian)childhood memory of making food with grandparents.

fare-7 fare-8 fare-9 fare-10 fare-11 fare-12 fare-13June 20 From 8pm to midnight, I invited a visitor at a time, for a mandatory time of only 15 minutes each, for a drink with me in the kitchen. Every visitor was welcomed by me at the door with two glasses of prosecco in my hands, saying the mischievous and defiant phrase: “finally … I have been here for three days, what happened to you?”. I was then accompanying them into the house, offering half burnt baked potatoes and asking about her day in an intimate but a little resentful way. I was then playing shangai with them to lighten up the tension between us.


fare-15 fare-16

I tried to perform a different sense of home involving every visitor in unexpected dynamics each time, in which offering and subtracting intimacy would work as a relational strategy to understand domestic spaces in a deeper way.


Raffaello Rouge Rossini, Claudia Cangemi