site/situation-specific art

June 4, 2015 / Laurentino38-specific Performance, collective exhibition Seiemezza by Benedetta Carpi’ students from the Master in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Heritage at the Business School of Il Sole 24 ORE. Centro Elsa Morante, Rome

Laurentino 38, a peripheral neighborhood in the south of Rome, historically considered a dormitory area, is a complex self-referential community, made of social dynamics that are stereotypically known to be close to micro – and macro – illegality, since when it was created 30 years ago. Yet the intense history that characterizes this urban concentration also tells stories of social cohesiveness, of encountering and dialogue in the territory. In Laurentino 38 it exists an established way to define the local time; there is in fact the practice of timebanking, a way in which the self-management of social relations is determined by the reciprocity of supply and demand.
I have a timer in m hand, I stop one visitor at a time and ask him/her to tell me where his/her just stopped today, when he/she had the feeling of losing the thread of memory or just the sense of time. We quickly identify together their break point, we step on the grate and try to restart the time from where it broke, using the laurentino-38 technique: the exchange of time and expertise. So I rebooted the time of each visitor by asking to exchange with me two minutes of notions regarding things they might know best and that might be useful to others.
I then wrote on a piece of masking tape our exchanges.




Maria Elveni, Giovanni De Angelis