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underneath / 2014

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June 22, 2014 / Site-Specific Performance. An exercise in obstinacy: 7 hours and 40 min

Curated by Ermanno Cristini and MuseoTeo, Collective Exhibition: “Picnic @ The Haunted House” Gavirate (VA), Italy

The exhibition organized by the Museum Teo posed as a collective reflection on the concept of ‘phantasmic’. I decided to contribute by performing an exercise in obstinacy, a demonstration of what it means to dwell with intensity in places and conditions which suppose to be left alone, to their “earthly” dimension. I stayed 7 hours and 40 minutes motionless and stuck beneath the double bed of the house, there were iron bars  just 30 cm away from the ground. My hair was the only visible part of me. People who found me could lift the cover and touch me, talk to me and accept to be drag underneath, to speculate with me on the intrinsic difficulties of letting it go.

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Vera Portatadino, Tommaso Cavalleri