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le nozze di MIA (MIA’s wedding) / 2012

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Site-Specific Installation, project curated by Micol di Veroli for Vetrinale – Contemporary Art Festival in extraordinary shops – I year in Rome, Italy

The festival offered the occasion to work inside assigned real shops of Rome, using their objects and playing with the ability of the artist to create something conceptually based on them.  I chose a furniture store called “MIA”, specialised in unique designs. I chose to intervene in the room dedicated to display of wedding gifts’ lists; future brides and grooms usually spend long time in it, selecting all the items they to be gifted with for such a special occasion.

I installed a suspended and overturned (heavy) metal table, looking like falling right in the middle of the room, underneath of which I placed around 400 glasses and crystal items on the floor. I laid out three little paths for viewers to walk in but they had to sign a specific release form before doing it. They were asked to compensate the shop of the value of broken glasses, in case something went wrong inside the installation…very much like a marriage.

Once coming out of the installation, I gave the signed release form back to each viewer, breaking with a simple and painless act the legal bond between us.

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Marianna, Emilia, Maria Rosaria, Silvia, Fabrizio Pizzuto, Carlo Pecoraro