site/situation-specific art

free school / 2013

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Site-Specific Video Installation for “Polvere negli occhi, nel cuore sogni” – III Edition, curated by: Licia Galizia, Liceo A.Bafile / MIBAC – L’Aquila Abruzzo

The “Free school” project allowed an entire class of 26 boys and girls to experience an exchange of knowledge, within the formal social frame of their school but applying a free “horizontal” dynamic of sharing. Each of them were invited to chose a topic they were passionate about and perform it to the others in just 7 minutes’ talk. The goal of the project was to place the students in the position of communicating something of real interest for them, understanding and perhaps questioning the role and the responsibility of teachers who “perform” their job daily in front of them.

“Free school” aimed to create a different kind of sociality within the school’ space: each student in fact, through the chosen topic, expressed something relevant of  him/herself to others. They exposed to a wider audience a personal dimension that the educational system and its didactic frame often don’t allow to surface.

The video piece is part of the ongoing art collection kept in the school.









The amazing II F in the A.Bafile school, 2012/13,

Licia Galizia and family, Alessandro Maurizio.