site/situation-specific art

dis-placement: 3.30pm / 2016

Works by year

December 1st till the 31st, 2016 / sound installation, 30’22”, 2015. Sound Corner at Auditorium/Musica per Roma Foundation, project presented by Daniela Trincia in collaboration with Anna Cestelli Guidi.

Sound installation of my audio recording of Liverpool Street Station (London) noises and voices, happened on December 14th 2015. I also installed, in the benches of the Sound Corner, some free press usually given away in London’s train stations.

During the public presentation / relational performance occurred on December 7th, I involved viewers into an interactive tale, based on 10 different days of my life over the course of the past 14 years; the majority of which spent in that station and all based on random and less random things happened to me in that moments. I waived these episodes together in order to spin a collective and sometimes emotional reflection about roots loss and displacement as both phenomenon and personal choice. 


sound editing: Enrico Di Ienno
photography: Gianni Piacentini, Micol di Veroli