site/situation-specific art

8-30 January 2019 – Macro Asilo, Ambiente # 2, month-long residency at Macro Museum, Rome.
Relational Art and Installation.
Participants: Simona Cassano, Veronica Cosimelli, Rosanna D’Amato, Giuditta Greco, Francesca Inglese.
In collaboration with: Macro Asilo, the Sant’Alessio Regional Centre – Margherita di Savoia for blind people in Rome, Pietro and Alberto Rossini Foundation, Mad Decode International School and Sogno nel Cassetto tea shop.

Presented as a “tactile journey in the imagination of those who do not perceive images but use other senses to see and communicate with the world”, the project involved 5 performers who were blind from birth. We investigated together the imagination of those who do not know the image but do have intense imaginations and we transformed it into a symbolic, tactile and bodily language. This process took place in Ambiente #2 of the Macro Museum through a regular workshop, closed to the public, during the first half of the month.

Then from January 18th to 30th, the performers dialogued with one visitor at a time, exploring the tactile elaborations we worked on together which became multiple performances open to everyone daily. Visitors agreed to pass through a curtain into the installed space, respecting the imposed silence and letting themselves explore a mutual exchange of touches with the performer’s body which, alien at first,  became very soon unexpectedly intimate. The performers acted upon the viewers bodies in the dim light, letting them experience the phenomenon of gaining a sense of self-awareness through perceiving another body, letting go of control and opening themselves to a deeper, emotional listening.

video-extract (video-story)

Gianfranco D’Alonzo, Gianni Piacentini, Cecilia Casorati, Micol Di Veroli, Paolo Martore, Paolina Baruchello, Manuela Gavagnin, Alessandra Monaco, Claudia Di Manno, Jennifer Panepuccia, Anastasia Guantini, Emma Di Ienno, Enrico Di Ienno, Eileen Stevenson, Simone Valente & MonkeysVideoLab, Claudia Pecoraro, Cecilia Pecorelli,
Giorgio De Finis & Palaexpo