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Guy-Specific Project, Guy Hilton Gallery, Spitalfield, London

One Sunday afternoon, taking Guy by surprise. A sound installation in the corridor, a performative installation downstairs. I recorded myself singing the history of my encounters with Guy over Barry White’s music. I recalled how, since the very first day, when I agreed to make a project for his space, he tried different sexual approaches towards me. I explained in the song how I felt upset and uncomfortable all the time and that, tired of his attempts, I was ready let him get what he wanted. At the end of the piece I was asking him to join me downstairs, in his bed, where I was lying half naked and still. When the sound was reaching a silent point, people where allowed downstairs. I waited for him to come on top of my blanket made of barb wire for five hours, but he did not join me in the end.



Eiry Bartlett, Valerio Berdini, Miranda Cleary