site/situation-specific art




Site-specific Installation, Collective exhibition,  Untitled-Condotto C, part of Reload, Pigneto, Roma Italy A collective exhibition that has been installed in a garage where each artist had a car space specifically assigned to place their work. I have been given the portion of space where something was dying inside. I have been told that the car elevator

back home

Site-Specific Project, solo show at Condotto C, Rome Italy “Do you know what it means to be homesick? See, ‘Condotto C’ is like walking back, going backwards, growing backwards to the womb, sucking, the warmth of touching, the warmth of little lights, down there, crossing the darkness and going home” The show, curated by Fabrizio Pizzuto, saw

lower your gaze

Situation-specific project, collective exhibition The Scapegoat Society, Yinka Shonibare Guest Projects Space, Sunbury House London In the loving memory of Amanda Shillabeer, without whom this work would have never happened. You are much missed. Ch. dramatization and reading: Amanda Shillabeer / lighting and photographic intervention: Mariann Fercsik Exploring scapegoating as the specific hostile process through which people attempt to

the mouse appeal

Photographic site-specific project and posters, collective exhibition“The Dondon Lungeon” , curated by Cosmic Mega Brain New Inn Yard EC2A, London I spent one afternoon taking pictures of the mice colony resident in between the rails in the Oxford Circus Tube Station, in London. Then I produced and printed 8 A3 posters for each of the mice, taking inspiration

a necessary evil

Site-Specific Installation, MA Fine Art – Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, Graduation Show A telephone off the hook, its numb sound in an empty white room. A narrow aperture to slide into. Imprints on the floor, no edges, no endings, no one. The necessary evil of dealing with an ‘impossible’ space to react to,

the appartment

Video, 7’58”, Site-Specific Project, Hackney London They left years ago, no one knows really why, ceiling collapsing on their clothes, rotten food under the bed, pictures of her childhood still in the drawer and his passport left on the table. I lay on their couch, keeping things company for a while. full length: ArtHub credits: Dariusz Dziala, Chiara Tommasi

chiaramu VS guy hilton

Guy-Specific Project, Guy Hilton Gallery, Spitalfield, London One Sunday afternoon, taking Guy by surprise. A sound installation in the corridor, a performative installation downstairs. I recorded myself singing the history of my encounters with Guy over Barry White’s music. I recalled how, since the very first day, when I agreed to make a project for his space, he

let it go

Site-Specific Project, Chelsea College of Art and Design and Propeller Island Exhibition, London A place for one head. A space to experience emotional challenge and complete physical abandon, questioning the relationship between artist and viewer in terms of mutual openness and willingness to play without any agreed rules. credits: Rita Evans, Romela Crnogorac, Valerio Berdini

per una volta (for once)

Site-Specific Installation, Lift Gallery, Rome Opening performance:  “Instruction for Use” by Simona Amendola Sound installation: Enrico Di Ienno Text by Luisa Valeriani A swing in a lift. Installation for people to inhabit, even when the light goes off. Intervening in the space challenging its identity and functionality. I installed a swing in the lift, thinking

in-sight series

Photographic Project, Cambridge ArtSpace, Cambridge UK Ten images and texts taken and written as one, personal reminders of places where I worked in and places where I considered making projects without having (ye)t the chance to realize them. I invited the viewers to experience my vision of those places by sitting in front of each image

history is mine!

Site-Specific Video Project, 8’47”, Rome Italy Video documentation of several unauthorized acts happened in Rome, where I engaged in physical and emotional relationships with statues as well as historical places. Licking Via Appia stones, the street where slaves used to walk bare feet towards the houses of wealthy Romans, rolling weightless down to Capidoglio staircase, caressing

due (two)

Site-Specific Project, Cineclub Detour, Via Urbana, Rome For seven days I offered toilet paper to visitors who needed to go to the cinema’s toilet. While offering the piece of paper, I was persuasively asking everyone to make a good use of it. Inside viewers were left alone with a video-projection of me looking down at their


Site-Specific Roaming Project, Numbers Gallery, Hackney / Bethnal Green, London Walking around Hackney carrying a standard size door-frame on wheels. Every once in while I left the doorframe in various places, hiding to spy on people’s reactions. I was trying to “frame” the outside and offer the chance for people to jump in or out of it.