site/situation-specific art



tempo rotto (broken time)

from May 9 till 11, 2014 / Site-Specific project, Palazzo Busacca’s archive at Scicli, project curated by Katiuscia Pompili/Parking 095, part of the Collective exhibition “Nuvole: an aesthetic excursus through Independent Art”, by S.E.M., Scicli (Rg), Sicily, Italy This project originated from the art residency that both the curator and I experienced in Scicli, 10

Limit. A definition

April 13, 2014 / Site-Specific Project, LungoTevere Fitness Gym, curated by the students of  “Curating Museums and Galleries” course, John Cabot University, Rome Italy   Tutor: Ilaria Gianni Reflecting on the identity and the ontological foundation of the gym, I decided to highlight a specific side of it. I wanted to create an illustrated handbook about


Site-Specific Installation, CIAC Museum – Contemporary Art InternationalCentre at the Colonna Castle, curated by Claudio Libero Pisano. Genazzano, Rome, Italy The Colata Room is the name of the space that partially burned down few years ago and it has been used since as a project room for site-specific interventions. For centuries this room was the place for the

cane che parla 2013 (the talking dog)

December 14, 2013 and February 1, 2014 / Performance for a painting, part of the exhibition “Antonello Bulgini: Notizier Lievi 2” CIAC Museum Contemporary Art Centre at Colonna Castle, Genazzano, Rome, Italy December 14, 2013 / Performer: Manuela Gavagnin February 1, 2014 / Performer: Chiara Mu This is one of my favorite paintings from the late production of Antonello

prescription box

Prescription Box : Emotional Self-Help Toolkit / make your own Web-Specific Project for BCOMEBLOG, in PDF format to be downloaded for free. Rome, Italy 2013  Here the full English version: an extract: credits: Emma e Marco Di Ienno,

free school

Site-Specific Video Installation for “Polvere negli occhi, nel cuore sogni” – III Edition, curated by: Licia Galizia, Liceo A.Bafile / MIBAC – L’Aquila Abruzzo The “Free school” project allowed an entire class of 26 boys and girls to experience an exchange of knowledge, within the formal social frame of their school but applying a free “horizontal”

ask me

Site-Specific Project, collective exhibition: “Nonostante Tutto” (In spite of everything), curated by Raffaele Gavarro, OltreDimore Gallery, Bologna The exhibition’s theme was based on the concept of the artist’s unconditional offering towards his/her viewer in spite of everything, in spite of today’s adverse economical conditions and in spite of the (Italian) cultural impoverishment which often makes


Situation-Specific Performance for/against one man at the time, collective exhibition: “Con i tuoi occhi”, Milan Council, curated by Francesca Guerisoli. Milan Italy (violence against women is a serious male problem, now unbearable) In a very busy square of Milan, during an art event to sensibilize people about the major issue of violence against women, I

cinema all’aperto (the outdoor cinema)

Site-Specific Project, Seminaria Sogninterra Contemporary Art Festival   II year – curated by Marianna Fazzi, Isabella Indolfi and Giulia Magliozzi Maranola di Formia, LT Italy Wandering around the medieval village of Maranola, I was impressed by noticing very old ladies at the balconies of old buildings, constantly looking down at me, without saying a word. I decided

l’origine (the origin)

Bi-Personal Exhibition with Baldo Diodato, part of the exhibition series: “The Gymnosophists, naked to the core” Bibliothe’, Contemporary Art Gallery, Rome, Italy Bibliothe’ is a bistrot and an ayurvedic library; the exhibition series held in it invited two artists every month to freely respond  to the concept of ‘going back to the essence of creation’. I tried

mi dimenticherò di te tutti i giorni (I will forget about you every day – the exhibition)

Photographic Exhibition, Edieuropa Qui Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Rome, Italy Pictures by Dariusz Dziala Project based on the performance happened in Venice in June 2011, curated by 42Project, supported by Edieuropa and the Venice Council (Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e Pace) During the exhibition I held visitors hands and toured them around the gallery, showing them pictures,

decresce (decrease)

Situation-specific Installation,“Decresce Project” exhibition, Casa delle Culture / Villa de Sanctis, Rome The exhibition originated from the broad concept of the “Degrowth” and tried to investigate it, using different aesthetic and conceptual approaches. I offered my specific point of view on how reducing goods production, as well as mass consumption, by simply proposing to sleep more

decresce (decrease-video)

Video, 1’38”, Rome Video made for the video event “Decresce project”, based on my own take of the economical concept of the Degrowth, as expressed by S. Latouche’s theory. Full length : Arthub

your land 故土

Site- Specific Installation for 1 person at the time, solo show at Studio 943 Kunming, Yunnan China daily 12 noon – 7pm I filled the space of the studio/gallery with red Yunnan soil, I left viewers inside – one at the time- exploring it barefoot, sitting on a stool borrowed from a buddhist temple nearby. I

memories of China

Site-Specific Photographic Project, Kunming, Yunnan China I took pictures of Kunming, Yunnan, China during my art residency lasted from August to September 2011. I focused my attention on the areas that underwent major rebuilding during that time. I then edited digitally a series of 8 images and printed on a silk scroll, mimicking the chinese traditional

chiara VS chiara

Performance Relatonal-Specific, Chiara Mu Versus Chiara Tommasi, Edieuropa – Qui Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Rome In one room there was a tennis field: white lines on the floor, a net and a rhythmic sound of a hit ball, without players. You could sit on a bench and stay in the sound. In the other room there was a

mi dimenticherò di te tutti i giorni (I will forget about you every day)

Site-Specific Performance, Campiello Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, Venice, Italy daily, 7-8am and 8-9pm Curated by 42projekt, supported by Edieuropa – Qui Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Rome and by Venice Council (Assessorato alle Politiche Giovanili e Pace) I stayed in the campiello every day, early in the morning and at sunset, in the venetian light that

not there anymore

Site-Specific Project, the viewer’s performance at Closet, Via Metauro 55, Rome “You cannot play with time because there is not way to go back.” In the window of the vintage clothing shop “Closet”, I placed an armchair and a old briefcase to be opened. Viewers were invited, one at the time, to sit inside and make use