site/situation-specific art



l’oro in bocca (gold in the mouth)

Performative installation, curated by Pietro Gaglianò within “I cercatori d’oro” site-specific residency and workshop, for the Tuscany region project “Toscanaincontemporanea” 2017 [ in collaboration with CapoTrave-Kilowatt, Anghiari Dance Hub, Monterchi Council (AR)], Italy This art piece was conceived within the pedagogical project “The Gold Seekers” (i cercatori d’oro); a week long residency and workshop focused

dis-placement: 3.30pm

sound installation, 30’22”, 2015. Sound Corner at Auditorium/Musica per Roma Foundation, project presented by Daniela Trincia in collaboration with Anna Cestelli Guidi. Sound installation of my audio recording of Liverpool Street Station (London) noises and voices, happened on December 14th 2015. I also installed, in the benches of the Sound Corner, some free press usually

esercizio di fuga: il salice (exercise in vanishing: the willow tree)

land art / site-specific installation, curated by Francesca Guerisoli, Fondazione Pietro Rossini, Rossini Art Site, Briosco (MI) Opening of the latest artwork part of the Esercizio di Fuga (exercise in vanishing) solo exhibition, previously realised in the park in September 2015. I made the piece in march 2016 and I waited for nature to deal with it, letting


Site-Specific Performative Installation / Exercise in obstinacy: from 6pm till 8pm. Curated by Francesca Gallo for Confluenze. Antico e Contemporaneo. Classic Art Museum, La Sapienza University Campus, Rome The art gallery made of plaster casts in the University, also known as the Classic Art Museum, includes hundreds of Greek sculptures’ copies (both originals and Roman copies) coming


Napoli-specific Performance, curated by Adriana Rispoli for Wine&theCity/ nine edition, Municipio Underground Station, Line n.1, Naples Council, Italy Asked to produce a site-specific artpiece for the cold, aseptic environment of this newly built underground station, I decided to work in the direction of raising the emotional temperature of the space. I took inspiration from the day

apparato di cattura (apparatus of capture)

Lo Savio-specific Performance, collective exhibition “In che senso Italiano”,  Bibo’s Place, Todi, Italy I interpreted Francesco Lo Savio’s (1935/1963) body of work as the continuous attempt to move away from the zero degree of matter, from the (existential?)void that in his practice seemed absorbing all light and depth. He seemed articulating this attempt as a structural

esercizio di fuga (exercise in vanishing)

9 Site-Specific Installations, solo show curated by Francesca Guerisoli at Fondazione Alberto e Pietro Rossini / Rossini Art Site, Briosco (MI) The title of this project literally expresses what I wanted my visitors to do: exercise themselves in following the vanishing points I suggested within the park, in order to understand the specific condition of

farecasa (homemaking)

Raffaello-Specific Performance, collective exhibition Ca’ Publique: artistic interventions in private houses, Bologna Italy The project curators, Francesca Apolito and Flavia Zaganelli, asked me to spend two days in the house of Raffaello Rouge Rossini, a Bologna’s video-maker, to produce an art piece that supposed to be experienced in the next three days. I chose to

Laurentino38-specific Performance, collective exhibition Seiemezza by Benedetta Carpi’ students of the Master in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Heritage at the Business School of Il Sole 24 ORE. Centro Elsa Morante, Rome Laurentino 38, a peripheral neighborhood in the south of Rome, historically considered a dormitory area, is a complex self-referential community, made of

untitled-the wall

photographic project mu-specific for The Wall, curated by Pietro Gagliano’, Assab One, Milan

from here to eternity

Site-Specific project, solo show curated by Maria Rosa Sossai,  AlbumArte Project Space, Rome This site-specific project consisted of three distinct phases: the crowdfunding campaign “Exercises in Vision” (December 2014-February 2015), launched to meet the costs of the exhibition’s post-production; the actual exhibition “From Here to Eternity” created for AlbumArte and realized there from February 18

abbracciare lungo la linea (hug along the line)

Site-Specific Project, Collective exhibition“Altre Memorie”, project created by Associazione Modo Artistic Director: Francesco Rossi “Altre Memorie” Land Art Residency (22-28 September) in Val Saisera, Zona Prati di Oitzinger, Malborghetto Valbruna, Alpi Giulie – Friuli, Italy I found in the woods a circle of 8 trees, growing around a rock. I considered it to be a

esercizio di cura (an exercise in care)

Site-Specific Installation, collective exhibition: “Altre Memorie”, project created by Associazione Modo Artistic Director: Francesco Rossi; “Altre Memorie” Land Art Residency (22-28 September) in Val Saisera, Zona Prati di Oitzinger, Malborghetto Valbruna, Alpi Giulie – Friuli, Italy “Make a good use of  what you will find, oh Wanderer  and take care of it”. All the artists in

infinity watching

Land-Specific Project, Novella Guerra Residency, Imola, Italia. I dug into the small slope behind the house of Novella Guerra, inhabited and curated by Annalisa Cattani and I created a sitting space by modulating the position of the body in relation to the first cervical vertebra. By positioning the head as it comes natural inside my work,

il gioco della scala

Site-Specific Installation, collective exhibition: “Resurrectio”, curated by Artlante / Disturb Arte Scafati in the Abbey’s Church in Badia a Ruoti – Bucine (Arezzo), Italy I studied the symbolism of the staircase in the context of both the Catholic religion and the cultural anthropology and I decided to offer two different ways of reading this part of